Real Solutions for Realtors.

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Real estate professionals use Matterport to win more listings, sell properties faster and earn higher commissions. In fact, 99% of sellers say a 3D tour would give their listing a competitive edge. But 3D tours are just the beginning. 

From enabling you to virtually stage properties and host live virtual open houses, to helping you enhance lead generation and automate your bookings, our partners are building tools to transform the way you sell. We’re excited to share Matterport Partner solutions that will drive results. 

Check out the offerings below and join us on October 14, 2021 for the first-ever Matterport Platform Partner Demo event, Space Jam. Learn how these Partners can transform your real estate business with live demos and conversation about each offering. You can even vote on your favorite solution.

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Agent Relay Square

AgentRelay has video conferencing, voice calls, and chat capabilities integrated into Matterport’s virtual tour technology so that agents can be on-hand to handle questions from prospective buyers in Matterport- powered virtual showings. Agents can also showcase multiple properties in the same virtual showing.

Real Solutions for Realtors 2

Use this solution to: 

  • Host private or public virtual open houses 

  • Showcase multiple properties in one virtual showing with video conferencing, voice calls, and chat capabilities

  • Capture new leads using in-tour visitor registrations and forms for booking both in-person & agent-led virtual viewings

  • Understand which sites and ads are driving your Matterport tour traffic

  • Automatically provision single-page property sites

Watch the video: AgentRelay Features 

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80% of people would switch to a real estate agent offering 3D tours of listed properties

Boost3D square logo

Boost3D is changing the way its clients are interacting with digital twins across the real estate industry through its embedded video conferencing solution, OpenHouse Live. Boost3D has built video conferencing and live streaming into Matterport virtual experiences so that up to 50 people can instantly gather and explore spaces.

Real Solutions for Realtors 1

Use this solution to: 

  • Host virtual tours with video conferencing and live streaming

  • Provide real time tour viewing on multiple platforms

  • Embed Facebook Messenger into existing & new virtual tours 

Read the case study: Boost3D builds guided video conferencing tours with the Matterport Platform

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CAPTUR3D square

CAPTUR3D by PHORIA is an all-in-one 3D virtual tour software and management platform. CAPTUR3D helps elevate your Matterport tours with virtual tour overlays and other value-adds. These include virtual staging and ARConnect — the first Matterport- compatible Augmented Reality app that allows you to see information about a property spatially. Work with CAPTUR3D to create free white-labeled domains.

Real Solutions for Realtors 3

Use this solution to: 

  • Access virtual tour overlays and other value-adds: virtual staging, AR capabilities, custom Mattertags, media embed and more.

  • Get an affordable marketing suite that includes 2D and& 3D floor plans, retouched photos, single property websites and post- Production - all delivered in just 12 hrs.

Learn more: Phoria creates immersive XR experiences with Matterport 

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Treedis square logo

Treedis has developed lead-generation, live-chat, analytics, panorama showcasing to integrate drone images and virtual staging solutions for the real estate community. Their platform enables Matterport users to add a variety of options to their virtual tour, including logos and navigation menus to showcase multiple tours together. Custom icons and media files can be added to Mattertags.

Real Solutions for Realtors 4

Use this solution to:

  • Live video chat with lead management, advanced analytics and a comprehensive video admin panel 

  • Support eCommerce through the creation of a virtual showroom  

  • Create client portals to provide floorplans, images and listing details directly to your customers 

Watch the story: How Treedis Virtual Experiences are saving real-world businesses 

Tour a property: Treedis created interactive tour

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vrpm square logo

VRPM helps real estate companies think beyond empty spaces by using Matterport to create visually engaging and immersive virtual environments that help entice commercial clients to lease or buy properties. VRPM gives you the ability to virtually stage any Matterport tour. Use VRPM to edit panoramas, change floors and even add walls for prospective buyers in as little as 48 hours.

VRPM image 2

Use this solution to: 

  • Stage any Matterport space

  • Virtually update floor plans 

  • Add purchasing capabilities to virtually staged tours

Case study VRPM designs the future of modern workspaces with Matterport 

Explore: VRPM managed staging

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71% of buyers would buy a property sight-unseen if there was a 3D tour  available online

The real estate market is evolving. The Matterport Platform Partner Program allows you access to the solutions that will keep you at the forefront of this evolution. Provide your clients with breakthrough solutions that will sell their properties faster through revolutionary experiences. Don’t miss the opportunity to engage with partners and experts, and vote on your favorite solution on October 14. 

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