Where next for photographers? 10 Reasons why Virtual Walkthroughs are a must

Paul Adshead at photography news website fstoppers.com stuck his neck on the line by saying photographers are going to have to learn video to stay employable. Here at Matterport, we tend to agree and we’d add virtual walkthroughs into that statement too.

As a trained professional photographer it’s OK to think of anything other than stills as ‘the dark side’ but in an age where digital consumption and immersive marketing is rising, your clients will expect you to offer virtual walkthroughs.

The potential to improve business with virtual walkthroughs is undeniable. Google commissioned an independent survey to establish the impact of virtual tours. It found those who viewed a listing with a virtual tour were twice as likely to do business, while 67% of those polled wanted more business listings to have virtual tours.

These stats are probably all a photographer needs when considering the future of their art but if you need any more convincing, here are 10 extra reasons to add virtual walkthroughs to your portfolio.

  1. Virtual walkthroughs generate more business leads and provides a better ROI, and it’s this news that convinces customers to commission tours. Matterport found listing properties with 3D virtual walkthroughs can achieve as many as 4X the number of enquiries and generate 49% more leads.

  2. Customers can embed virtual walkthroughs on Google Street View and Google My Business profiles. The ability to walk inside and outside properties on Google Street View is very exciting and a great way to engage with a global audience! Customers can also see additional SEO benefits of 360 tours by adding them to their Google My Business profiles.

  3. Complete a virtual walkthrough and offer agents 3 vital marketing components at the same time for added value. In just one visit, and with just one piece of equipment, photographers can create a set of print-ready 4k photos, a video walkthrough and a floor plan - the three most powerful listing tools an agent needs. In return, customers will appreciate the simplicity of just one visuals supplier.

  4. Photographers who upgrade now to offer virtual walkthroughs will have a great upselling point. Adding that little extra and offering something fresh enables photographers to charge more, increase added value and makes them stand out from the crowd.

  5. The immersive world is the future of property marketing, so it’s important not to be left behind. Being able to take a full, interactive tour of a property from the comfort of a sofa or from behind a desk - anywhere in the world - will become a given in the search for property. And it’s not just of benefit to home movers and property investors - virtual walkthroughs also help agents become more efficient, as it cuts down their time spent on physical viewings.

  6. Producing virtual walkthroughs is becoming an art of its own, so if traditional photographers don’t diversify to offer virtual tours, they will be overtaken by new entrants who market themselves as experts.

  7. It’s easier than you think to shoot a virtual walkthrough. Working with virtual walkthrough technology, especially Matterport’s, doesn’t require intensive training.

  8. Photographers can gain a quick upper hand as they already have the creative eye needed to make a good virtual walkthrough. The ability to recognise an appealing aesthetic, knowing the importance of framing and lighting, and understanding composition underpin virtual walkthroughs just as much as photography. Now is the time to adopt virtual walkthroughs and build a trusted reputation as the market is new and not saturated.

  9. Virtual walkthrough uses can apply to any sector, not just residential property, so by adopting a new skill, photographers can explore different sectors and improve income streams. Industries including hotel and leisurehospitality, insuranceconstruction, landmark attractions, and even the boating industry are discovering that virtual walkthroughs help them engage with audiences and upsell experiences.

  10. Virtual walkthroughs have their place in the arts, which allows photographers to blend their traditional craft with a more digital future. One example is artist Alexa Meade, who uses Matterport technology to invite people into her 3D world, without visiting a studio or a gallery.

Discover how easy it is to add virtual walkthroughs to your portfolio by contacting Matterport today. Our full technical support, equipment recommendations and training programmes will get you set up practically overnight.


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