Matterport Digital Twins Streamline Manufacturing Process Planning Decisions

Complete Projects 30% Faster with Matterport and Pro3

In today’s fast-paced world of manufacturing, facilities managers and production teams are always looking for ways to streamline processes that can lead to improved performance. One such game-changing tool that drives digital transformation in the manufacturing industry is digital twins from Matterport.With more than a decade of experience turning spatial data into immersive digital twins, Matterport helps manufacturing teams to centralize factory and equipment management resulting in faster project completion and reduced costs. In this blog post, we look at the benefits of using Matterport digital twins and how Pro3 is ideal for scanning large manufacturing facilities.

Upskill Acceleration for Operators

Matterport digital twin technology presents an innovative way to improve context and engagement of new training of operators. The photorealistic, 3D factory exploration and documentation gives a comprehensive view of the entire facility. This immersive experience trains new operators quickly and cost-effectively. In fact, digital twins are 30% more effective than traditional video or paper-based training, and can even be more effective than in person training when noise, tight spaces or safety are a limitation. The visual representation in the training phase provides the operator with a full understanding of the plant environment before commencing operation. This accelerated upskilling enhances the safety of the facility and increases operator efficiency.

Reduce Risk and Cost for Project Teams and Vendors

Matterport digital twins eliminate the need for site visits which reduces cost and increases efficiency, functionality, and accuracy. With your team and vendor’s 24/7 access to the exact facility digital twin, planning, and decisions can be made faster than ever before. By having control of project documentation, the facility manager can keep vendors and contractors informed without the need to be on site. Digital twins enable 53% cost savings on travel and site visits in turn improving sustainability outcomes by as much as 24%. Reducing site visits leads to accuracy, increased efficiency and reduces overall project costs. On average, manufacturing organizations who partner with Matterport see a 30% reduction in time to complete projects. 

Scale Knowledge Transfer Faster for Your Global Organization

With manufacturing companies existing in multiple locations, it is not unusual for critical knowledge that resides with one factory to remain there. Matterport digital twin technology can centralize the facilities and equipment documentation in one place, making it accessible to the global organization. This allows the transfer of knowledge, best practices, and improvements to the various global entities. Additionally, platform features like Private Model Embed give large organizations a secure, scalable way to share digital twins on a company portal or intranet. Private Model Embed is an “OAuth”-based solution that enables customers to securely showcase private models within their company portal or intranet instead of viewing them in the standard Matterport cloud. The solution lets a large number of users who are authenticated by the customer’s systems, but unknown to Matterport, to securely and conveniently view a private space.

Ready to Start Scanning? Choose Pro3! 

Pro3 is the ultimate tool in Matterport’s arsenal of digital twin technology. Pro3 uses lidar to create beautifully accurate and immersive digital twins of any large manufacturing facility, even outdoor areas. With its impressive ability to render large-scale projects at a high level of precision (+/- 20mm @10m), Pro3 delivers on-demand digital twins that are perfect for manufacturing facilities. Whether you choose to scan yourself with Pro3 or hire a Capture Service Technician, there is no doubt that Matterport digital twin technology is a game-changer for the manufacturing industry. With its photorealistic, 3D factory exploration and documentation, facilities managers and production teams can centralize the management of factories and equipment. This results in faster project completion times, reduced costs, and improved global knowledge transfer. 

Now through September 30, 2023, new Matterport customers can save 20% on annual pro subscription plans of 50 spaces or more with the purchase of a Pro3. This is an unprecedented opportunity for manufacturing facilities to centralize their production and equipment management with an immersive, interactive, 3D digital twin experience.

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