New Matterport Digital Twin Platform unlocks productivity and cost savings

Get the details on exciting new updates to the Matterport Digital Twin Platform and all-new Pro3 camera

We recently announced the introduction of the Pro3 camera, along with collaboration and storytelling tools, in an end-to-end reinvention of the Matterport Digital Twin Platform. These updates will save customers time and money while increasing their productivity – on everything from day-to-day tasks to the most significant annual projects.

A Capgemini study shows business leaders use digital twins to drive company goals. The top three drivers are cost savings (79%), reducing time to market (73%), and operational efficiencies (71%).

In this blog, we show how customers use these products to digitally manage facilities and train employees, increasing cost savings, operational efficiencies, and productivity. 

Next-gen 3D capture

Pro3 sets a new standard in speed, fidelity, versatility, and precision. We designed Pro3 to quickly and efficiently capture large indoor and outdoor spaces – day or night. Pro3 can transform hotel resorts, manufacturing plants, and commercial buildings into vivid virtual reality environments, enabling customers to unlock efficiency gains with Matterport digital twins. 

Pro3 spinning

Fast and efficient: 

Pro3 has a 20-megapixel sensor, up to a 100-meter range, and takes less than 20 seconds per scan. Customers can generate large-scale digital twins much more quickly, minimizing downtime in the field while creating transformative experiences for their customers and employees.

High fidelity: 

Pro3 sends 100,000 pulses every second while a rotating mirror and camera constantly move the laser light to “paint” the entire 360-degree spherical space. With LiDAR and our advanced cloud processing platform, Pro3 digital twins support facility management strategies with more accuracy and detail than ever before. 

Easy to use:

We designed Pro3 for portability, making it lightweight and easy to carry. A simple swap of the rechargeable battery enables continuous scanning, allowing customers to transform spaces of all sizes into an accurate digital twin. Using just the smartphone in their pocket, customers can pair Pro3 with the new Matterport app to capture, customize, and publish their digital twins. 

Pro3-generated digital twins help customers manage properties down to the smallest detail and they can easily import the building information into facilities management applications. With this improvement, customers can move facilities management tasks online, getting accurate estimates for cleaning, repairs, and refurbishment; ensuring compliance; monitoring equipment; space planning; and more. 

Maximize collaboration to unlock efficiency and cost savings

Never before have we seen technologies so rapidly embraced to accelerate digital transformation. With the Matterport platform, customers can move in-person site visits and various day-to-day processes to the digital twin. 

Customers can also maximize productivity from a single digital twin with Viewsbeta, a new collaboration framework that enables groups and large organizations to create separate, permissions-based workflows to manage tasks across different teams. Viewsbeta unlocks virtual inspections, remote training, space planning, personalized virtual tours, and more.

Layers gif

Our customer KLM Airlines – the world’s longest-running airline – previously had to ground airplanes and fly in staff to train local maintenance teams. But now, using a Matterport digital twin, maintenance teams and flight attendants train and learn essential safety procedures virtually, resulting in travel and time savings. Furthermore, KLM has found that employees complete cleaning procedures 30% faster when trained virtually

Matterport digital twins also drive efficiency with fleet management optimization. For example, when upgrading the Wi-Fi routers used on a specific aircraft, KLM used the highly accurate data within the digital twin to confirm measurements and optimize the placements of new routers. 

With the click of a button, team members can instantly access thousands of spaces from anywhere. They can easily share their digital twin with teammates and external partners, facilitating  collaboration and decision making anytime and anywhere, saving thousands of hours on critical projects.

Elevate your employee experience and drive productivity

The future of work is decentralized and digital-first. With the Matterport platform, we have reimagined how customers can create, publish, and manage digital twins. The new Tags and Guided Tours features elevate the visitor experience in Matterport Showcase, resulting in increased engagement and employee productivity training. 

Customers can now create custom markers and allow visitors to roam freely or set them in a curated order to guide employees. Guided tours call out significant points of interest and encourage learning by attaching videos, images, text notes, and links to these points of interest. 

By moving new employee training to the virtual environment, our customers use the Matterport Digital Twin Platform to set up new employees for success from day one. They can guide their visitors or staff across key locations, direct attention to relevant safety and compliance information, and provide context or instructions via on-screen captions. Our tools let the new employee set the pace for their remote learning, accessing the space and viewing key reference videos or attachments on their schedule. As a result, we see that trainees not only feel more confident during their first day on the job, they are also quicker to become more productive and successful in their roles.


If you are excited to learn more about Matterport and how we can help transform your property marketing and manage your properties, join me and my colleagues in our upcoming webinar.


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