What Is a Real Estate Video Walkthrough and How Is It Different from a 3D Tour?

Knowing which one to include in your listings can help you win more clients

Nothing sells a property like great visuals. But knowing what kind of imagery to include in your real estate listings can be a challenge. Should you choose traditional video walkthroughs, or opt for cutting-edge 3D tours?

Both will increase interest in your listings. But recent research shows that 74% of agents believe that including a 3D tour helps win more listings down the line.

Below, we’ll give you a rundown of the top features of video walkthroughs and 3D tours and let you know which you should use for your listings.

What is a video walkthrough? 

A real estate video walkthrough is cinematic video content that shows off a property. They function as a guided tour of a property, leading potential buyers through the home’s indoor and outdoor areas. They get a sense of the general layout, the number of rooms, and the types of amenities that are available.

For potential buyers, a real estate video walkthrough can be a real timesaver. These brief video clips provide them with a sense of what it’s like to stroll through a property. They are much more effective than a typical black-and-white floor plan, allowing buyers to see the dimensions of each room. 

There are a few downsides to video walkthroughs, however. Most importantly, they aren’t interactive. Busy buyers who know exactly what they are looking for in a property might not be interested in watching a full video hoping to catch a glimpse of that particular feature.

What is a 3D tour? 

Thanks to the next-level options on the market today, customers have begun to expect more than just video walkthroughs. They also want to be able to explore on their own, take a close look at the features most important to them, and get a feel for the flow of the property. That’s why heavy hitters in the real estate industry are relying on technology like Matterport’s 3D tours.  

3D tours have become a very effective real estate marketing tool. They can speed up the sales process by creating more interest in a property. A recent study showed that video walkthroughs reduced the sales process by an average of 21 days. 

Here are a few of the top reasons every real estate listing should include a 3D tour:

A never-ending open house

There’s no rule that says an open house can only last an hour or two. Today’s 3D tours can take place around the clock, meaning they are ready to go whenever a potential buyer or renter is available. That means your open house is always open. 

Expanded market reach

If your properties appeal to people who live elsewhere — such as buyers who are moving to a new area or are in the market for a vacation home — you want to be able to extend your reach. A 3D tour makes it possible for people across the country or around the world to easily check out your property. 

Better educate buyers 

Your real estate listing probably mentions your property’s highlights, but it’s always better to show them off. A 3D tour makes that custom cabinetry or high-definition TV impossible to ignore.

Why you should upgrade to a 3D walkthrough

As technology has gotten more and more sophisticated, home buyers have begun to expect an interactive experience. They want to be able to explore a property on their own. More and more, they are demanding 3D tours. In fact, over two-thirds of buyers report that a 3D tour is essential.

A 3D tour enables potential buyers to examine every aspect of a house, rather than only what was shot in a real estate walkthrough video tour. A poll found that 51% of buyers wanted to understand more about the layout of the property. It’s much easier to get a sense of a house’s overall flow from a 3D tour they can direct themselves. 

About 55% of buyers report that the most important thing they are looking for is the general upkeep of the property. They say that assessing a property is easier with a 3D tour.

Matterport’s digital twin technology generates a fully interactive digital model of the property. A digital twin is a 3D virtual tour that potential buyers can control, providing 360-degree views of every room. They are easily integrated across a wide range of platforms.

A 3D virtual tour allows your potential clients to view properties whenever it’s convenient for them. Top real estate companies say offering this technology gives them an edge over the competition. According to a survey by the National Association of Realtors, nearly 80% of respondents said they would consider switching to an agent who offered 3D tours.  

Matterport’s newly released Digital Pro is an affordable all-in-one innovative marketing solution for brokers and real estate agents. It offers a range of high-definition real estate photography, an intro video, a detailed floor plan, and, of course, a stunning 3D tour of the property. It’s an all-in-one tool for video services.

The right gear for shooting 3D tours 

Shooting a 3D tour for one of your properties doesn’t have to be a complicated process. In fact, once you master all the steps it can be pretty straightforward, even for beginners. With the right tools, there’s no reason you can’t shoot one yourself.

Start off with a camera made for the real estate business in mind. Fast and affordable, Matterport has a range of 360-degree cameras that are a great way to capture 3D images of small to medium spaces. They work well both inside and outdoors.

The following vacation property was captured with an Insta360 camera available through Matterport:

 If you don’t have a budget for a professional-grade camera, at least invest in a mount so your smartphone can take 360-degree shots with ease. The Matterport Axis transforms your phone into the ideal setup for capturing more spaces in less time.

How to create professional 3D tours

If you don’t feel confident about your video production skills, there are plenty of real estate videography professionals out there who can help out in a pinch. Most are not expensive, offering a complete video for a reasonable fee. 

Matterport offers its own technicians for producing 3D walkthroughs, videos tours, and other options. Matterport Capture Services is available in more than 700 cities around the world and can turn around a finished project in as little as 24 to 48 hours.

The real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield reported a 53% savings when it switched to using Matterport Capture Services.

“We know from experience that our clients are enthusiastic about how Matterport digital twins make listing and viewing properties much easier and more effective,” said Oliver Skagerlind, Global Head of Client and Business Solutions. “Going even further with Matterport Capture Services was an easy decision.”


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