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Matterport Welcomes rooom AG to its Channel Partner Program in Germany

The Pro2 Bolsters Arsenal of 3D Scanning and Spatial Data Solutions

As Matterport expands its Channel Partner Program across the globe, we’re pleased to bring on rooom AG in Germany, widening the availability of the Matterport Pro2 for 3D content creators across retail, real estate, photography, marketing, travel and hospitality across the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. The Pro2 enables simple and accurate 3D scanning for creating digital twins that can be viewed in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), and utilized across a number of different use cases from creating virtual tours of museums and exhibitions to quickly and easily marketing real estate properties.

“Using 3D technology can simplify decisions to purchase, as well as save an incredible amount of time and money when marketing properties,” said Hans Elstner, CEO of rooom. “Matterport brings the gold standard in 3D scanning to our platform, enabling a world of possibilities for rendering spaces in 3D, enabling visitors of the virtual tour to immerse themselves and interact with the space and navigate through entire buildings.”

Our new partner rooom is one of the first do-it-yourself platforms for 3D, AR and VR content creation. In the past, production of 3D content has required a great deal of experience, special hardware or agency services, but rooom has lowered the barrier to entry for creating such content without the need for installing special software or purchasing a special computer. Private individuals and businesses can easily create their own 3D worlds, including modeling objects in 3D, for AR and VR with rooom. With its mission to bring a breath of fresh air into the digital industry, rooom has won the German Innovation Award 2019 and the Thuringian Tourism Award 2019.

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