Matterport & Apex Imaging Services

Our partnership automates data, information gathering and analysis across store portfolios for more effective management and faster go to market.

Manage a portfolio of stores effectively with 3D store surveys.

Matterport and Apex Imaging Services have partnered to create an all-in-one advanced store survey service that enables enterprise restaurant and retail brands to digitize, analyze, and utilize their entire portfolio’s building information across multiple stores like never before.

Apex - Manage a portfolio of stores with ease

Manage a portfolio of stores with ease.

ApexView powered by Matterport enables retail or restaurant brands across the U.S. and Canada to access, collect and evaluate building data and information across multiple stores - all in one place. This makes projects such as remodeling and updating a large portfolio of stores much more efficient and straightforward.
Apex - Gain unparalleled intelligence

Gain unparalleled intelligence from building assets at any time, from anywhere.

Brands get a customized online dashboard and AI-enabled search engine that allows enterprises to better understand store survey data, including the high fidelity visual appearance and dimensional information of each store.
Apex - Reduce change orders

Reduce change orders and eliminate costly in-person site surveys.

Save time and costs by performing object recognition remotely so building characteristics such as lighting or shelves can be analyzed digitally. With more comprehensive data, brands can perform automatic metadata collection, workflow orchestration, queries, and analyze spaces at scale from the comfort of any device.
Apex - Accelerate projects

Accelerate projects with increased speed to market and scope of work.

Cross-functional teams work more collaboratively with vendors and partners in design, facilities, operations, and estates to move projects forward faster, enable global facilities management teams to conduct virtual site visits, and automate store audits at scale. With more data, teams run into fewer road bumps.