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Amplify the possibilities

Harness the power of our continually-expanding APIs and SDKs to build new apps, create exceptional 3D experiences, and increase workflow efficiency.

Facebook and Habitat
Habitat - Matterport 3D research dataset

Available for academic research

Facebook AI and Matterport have released the largest-ever dataset of 3D indoor spaces, available exclusively for academic, non-commercial uses. HM3D will play a role in advancing embodied AI research, which seeks to teach robots and virtual AI assistants to understand and interact with the complexities of the physical world.

Why develop with Matterport

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The largest library of 3D spaces

We’re the fastest growing source of 3D spatial data with a library of over 4 million spaces that have been viewed over 1 billion times — the largest and most utilized in the built world.

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Build on top of real world spaces

Matterport is a 3D data platform trusted by thousands of businesses around the world to securely store and manage 3D digital twins of their properties.

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Integrate faster and seamlessly

You can use our APIs and SDK to seamlessly integrate your application or service with Matterport to increase efficiency, save time, and money.

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Build custom applications

We offer an SDK to integrate Matterport into your apps and build customized experiences on top of Matterport Spaces.

Monetize your skills by building industry-specific or value-added apps and services that can be featured in our core offering.

Power greater productivity with APIs

Save time and deliver more value for your users with APIs designed to integrate perfectly into your existing workflows and systems, and to build value-added applications and services.


Search and access

Build custom search queries in your own platform to stage a page that incorporates multiple models or to quickly find the 3D models you want to use.


Model asset management

Easily manage the details of your models as well as download assets such as meshes, point cloud, photos, schematic floor plans, and more.


Model lifecycle management

Create public or private models, archive models or grab the model showcase URL.


Transaction management

Save time by ordering schematic floor plans or MatterpaksTM from within your application.

Build innovative experiences with SDKs

Use our SDK capabilities to innovate differentiated experiences based on Matterport technology.

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Augment and customize the Matterport 3D Showcase experience on your site
  • Manage the interaction of the Showcase player with the web property it is embedded on.
  • Manage annotations with Mattertags™ by creating, deleting, editing and moving Mattertags programmatically.
  • Display Mattertags based on user actions within the page session.
  • Integrate with IoT devices, read measurements from the device and write to the corresponding Mattertag. 
  • Enable real-time video feed from site within a Mattertag, such as from a surveillance camera.
  • Use 3D object insertion to enable virtual staging and other real-time 3D space modifications.

Case studies

Immersive construction site experiences now available for Multivista customers

Multivista, a leader in visual construction documentation, has embedded Matterport’s immersive 3D models within its own platform, to provide a seamless experience that allows Multivista customers to virtually walk through their project site from anywhere in the world.

REA Group offers Australia's first virtual reality property app

REA Group partnered with Matterport and DiUS to develop a VR app to showcase properties with Matterport 3D scans . It allows consumers to virtually walk through the properties on The app has seen a 400% month-over-month increase in downloads and REA anticipates additional growth as more realtors  adopt Matterport software when listing properties for sale.

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