Matterport Service Partner Program FAQs

Please email with the information that needs to be updated, such as:
Phone Number
Miles willing to travel
(options: 50, 100, 200 miles)

Email for any questions, suggestions, or other feedback.

Yes! Use your Matterport Cloud ( username and password to access the Matterport Community.

Within our Community, there is an MSP Network section specifically dedicated to Service Partners.

We currently do not have a public Matterport Service Partner (MSP) directory.

However, feel free to start a discussion and find local MSPs on the MSP section of the Matterport Community.

We allow each MSP to have a radius of 200 miles per camera. If you have purchased another camera and would like to extend your services area, email with the camera s/n and city, state (if applicable), zip code, and country.

Contact to place a temporary hold on your membership so that we don’t send you scan service leads during your absence.

We use the email address you applied to the program with as the master domain to send you scan service leads. Please note that we can only email one alias. If you would like to update your email address to be an internal mailing list like contact@ or info@ so that multiple people in your company are notified, please send an email to

Pre-qualified local leads seeking 3D scanning services is a benefit of our MSP program. We match Matterport Service Partners on local proximity to leads who come in requesting a scan service.

We've created the necessary resources and materials you need to sell Matterport on your own and generate business too! Navigate over to the Real Estate Materials Tab or General Materials Tab to get started.

We have a variety of sales and marketing materials you can leverage as a Matterport Service Partner. Navigate over to the Real Estate Materials Tab or General Materials Tab to get started.

A major benefit to joining the Matterport Service Partner (MSP) program is that Matterport matches services requests we receive with local MSPs in that area.

However, your lead volume can vary for many reasons. If you aren’t receiving any leads it could be because:

  • 1. Matterport has not received inbound leads for your area.
  • 2. Leads did not want a direct introduction, and instead opted to choose and contact an MSP on their own.
  • 3. Your contact information has changed since becoming an MSP. Email with your current contact information.
  • 4. Other MSPs were closer to the lead.
  • 5. There tends to be a higher volume of scan service requests in dense urban areas than those rural areas.

Pre-qualified local leads seeking Matterport scanning services is a great benefit of becoming an MSP, but is not the only way for you to generate business.

We've created some sales/marketing resources and materials for you to sell Matterport on your own. Please check the MSP member portal to download.

Learn more about how we route scan service requests on our community here and here.

The best business is repeat business. Repeat business is also the best way to spread word-of-mouth about what you can do.

Therefore it’s important to follow up after completing a job. Here’s some tips to help you establish a great customer relationship:

  • 1. Send an email or survey to make sure you’ve matched their expectations. Ask questions like:
    • a. How did you hear about us?
    • b. Were you satisfied with the timing, service, and finished quality?
    • c. How likely are you to recommend to a friend?
  • 2. Ask for testimonials such as quotes and customer logos that you can reuse in your marketing. For example, here are some real estate quotes about Matterport that you can share as well!
  • 3. Create a case study. A case study is just a longer testimonial, typically the length of a blog post or a white paper. Tell a story about your experience with the customer and how it was a great experience for both of you. Case studies are great to establish your brand and are a selling point for new business.

The Matterport Community is where you can access the experts behind the product, learn the latest and greatest Matterport news, and share your voice and great ideas. You can also connect with other MSPs in the MSP Network section.

The MSP Member Portal is where you access MSP specific sales, marketing, and enablement materials. This includes sell sheets, pitch decks, videos, webinars, and additional collateral.

My.Matterport is your main Matterport account (also known as Matterport Cloud). This is where you upload, edit and manage your Spaces.

No, entry and benefits are the same no matter what model of camera you own.

However, we strongly recommend you upgrade to the Pro2 camera so you can get better print-quality snapshots and serve more customers with a better quality product. Learn more about the Pro2 3D camera.

For additional questions, please reach out to or call the exclusive MSP hotline: +1 (650) 641-2241 ext 532.