Matterport Brings 3D Capture to Mobile

We’re excited by Google’s Project Tango, Intel’s RealSense, and other initiatives to get 3D sensors built into the next generation of phones and tablets. These sensors enable Matterport to bring its high-quality 3D capture and reconstruction to mobile devices.

The future of 3D media is mobile. As 3D sensors start showing up in phones and tablets, Matterport’s software will be an app enabling millions of people to capture, share, and interact with the world around them in visually rich 3D. We’ve been adapting our technology to these emerging platforms over the last few months, and we have some exciting results to show.We felt it was important to make this app extremely responsive and real-time so that users can see a 3D model coming together continuously as they move freely around the space they’re capturing. The capture process is easy, fun, and natural.

Early preview of our mobile 3D Capture app

Of course we will continue to offer the Matterport Pro 3D Camera in addition to developing this mobile offering. Think of our professional camera as the 3D equivalent of the sort of high-quality DSLR that any pro photographer would use to make top-quality 3D media like our 3D Showcase™, while the mobile version will be what everyone will have in their pockets for capturing their everyday world in 3D.

Here’s some recent press coverage on our initial mobile demo with an early Tango prototype — Engadget, TechCrunchSlashGear and many others are talking too!

And here is a video showing the first space captured from using a Matterport prototype app running on a Tango device.

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