Mobile capture with Matterport 3D

Our industry-leading vision pipeline powers object and small area capture on mobile devices. SEE IT IN ACTION >

The Matterport system has revolutionized the way businesses interact with real-world places by making it quick, affordable, and easy to capture entire environments completely. Now, we’re partnering with hardware manufacturers to bring reality capture to consumers, enabling them to capture portions of spaces and small objects with mobile devices.

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What is mobile 3D capture?

Imagine a world where anyone can create immersive 3D models with ease. With initiatives like Google’s Project Tango and Intel’s RealSense, that future is getting closer.

The Lenovo Phab2 Pro is the first commercially available Tango-enabled smartphone, complete with sensors to power augmented reality and reality capture solutions. Our first Tango app, Matterport Scenes, uses Matterport's powerful vision processing to enable reality capture, manipulation, and measurement of partial environments from anywhere.

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How Matterport powers mobile

How Matterport powers mobile

Our specialty is computer vision and 3D reconstruction, and our cloud-based system plays well with others. We’ve been adapting our technology to work with mobile hardware from a variety of OEMs, tailored to the type and quality of data captured by mobile devices.

If your business is empowering consumers with mobile reality capture, we want to talk to you.

Plays well with others

We've built flexibility into our vision processing solutions, so they're compatible with a variety of hardware under varied conditions. We're partnering with big names to build an end-to-end framework for mobile capture, processing, and immersive exploration of 3D digital content.

Pro + Mobile 3D Capture

Our Pro Camera and virtual media management system is used by thousands of professionals across industries - from real estate, to construction, to news and entertainment. While mobile capture will allow everyday users to create and share virtual models of objects and partial environments, we don’t expect it to replace our Pro Camera anytime soon.

Think of our Pro Camera as the 3D equivalent of a high-end DSLR - without the training - while mobile capture will be more like smartphone cameras, enabling capture of small spaces and objects with the convenience of a mobile device.

Together, they’ll create a complete professional and consumer reality capture ecosystem for a variety of business and recreational applications.

Help build a complete reality capture ecosystem

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